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    Total newbie to databases needs help with something simple!



      Total newbie to databases needs help with something simple!


      Hi All

      I know this should be simple but I just cant find a simple description in the user manual on how to do this!

      I am creating a database which allows me to track items which are brought into the shop for repair, they are then sent out to various repairers dependent on the product. I have created 2 tables one which is effectively the form for input of the relevant information, ie customer details, equipment and repairer that it needs to be sent to!

      The second table is simply a table relating to the repairers used, the fields are the repairers name, their address and their phone number, all of which are also in the first table, what I want to be able to do is select from a drop down list the name of the repairer in the first table and it automatically complete the address and phone number taking the details from the 2nd table thus saving me having to enter this manually each time, which seems like a simple task but I just cannot make it do it  :smileymad:

      Any simple step by step clues would be great.



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          Hi Photega,


          Yip: in Filemaker it's dead easy.


          You have two tables: ItemsforRepair and Repairers.  Go to File -> Manage -> Database.

          In The 'Tables' Tab  go to the ItemsForRepair Table.  Where you have any details about the Repairer, except for their unique ID, you can delete them.  (Don't bother yet, though.)   You will be able to show, as you want, all of those details automatically.


          Go to the 'Relationships' tab.#

          - In the list of fields in the 'ItemsforRepair' table you will see the unique ID for each Repairer - in this case you are using the RepairerName as the unique identifying field.

          - Over in the 'Repairers' table you will have the same field, holding the repairer's name.  Drag a link from the field in one table to the field in the other.  (You can also use the buttons on the bottom left.)

          - A line will be drawn connecting those two tables via that relationship:

          RepairerName in ItemsForRepair Table = RepairerName in RepairerName Table


          - Click 'Okay' etc to go back to the data entry screen.

          - Change layout if necessary to be on the layout that is your ItemsForRepair.

          - Go into 'Layout' mode.

          - From the toolbar on the LHS drag-and-drop a new field (using the 'Add a field' button'.)

          Change the table from the drop-down menu at the top of the field listing box that pops up to show the table 'RepairerName' (strictly the 'Table Occurance', but you can think of it as 'the table joined to this table by the relationship...').

          - You will see the list of the fields available fom the RepairerName table.  Select the field Address1, or whatever.

          - Repeat adding more fields the same way, to directly replace the address, contact details, etc that you had duplicated in the ItemsForRepair table.


          If you're happy with the way that works you can delete the fields in the ItemsForRepair field list.  (Or even better, replace them with the next fields you want to add.)  Every time you show a RepaierName in the ItemsForRepair layout it will automatically show all the details associated with that repairer name.


          Is that what you mean?



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            Hi Alan

            That is exactly what I mean! I had got the relationship link idea, what gets me is I did as you suggested and just moved the other fields, after I brought in the new fields from the other table the original fields I created started displaying the data!:mansurprised:

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              Glad I could help.