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Total Noob drop down search

Question asked by kentanderson on Feb 6, 2014
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Total Noob drop down search


     I am trying to move away from Microsoft Access and start fresh with FM.  This should be a very simple database i would think. I Need A client database and a job database.  Name and address phone number simple stuff for the client data base.  The job data base, I would like to have a auto number like 14-0001 and so on. The job data base will contain multiple fields such as job location and number of photos, and so on.  I think my problem might be with the relationship between client database and job database, but i am not sure.  I will supply a pic of what i currently have.  The big thing i can not figure out is how to have a simple interactive form where the user has a drop down list which contains all the job numbers 14-0001 etc. and when they click on one it displays all the info for that record.  I have seen multiple script examples but it baffles me.  i understand that a the user can click find at the top and then preform find, but there should be a better more interactive way.  Thank you in advance.  Please any help you can give me with my database is much appreciated.  please go easy on me.