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Total of boxes checked

Question asked by NonProfitEducationUser on Mar 3, 2014
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Total of boxes checked


     In a table of my students, I have a feild that uses a Check Box - Value List, where each item on the value list is a task for a student to complete. All I would like to do is count how many boxes are checked for a student. I don't need to know specifically if one was checked and not another, just a total count. They only have to complete 7 out of 10 tasks for credit, so I just want another feild that tells me "number of tasks completed." I tried a few things such as "word count" (because each task is just a 1 word abbreviation) and it's giving me numbers that are too big. There are 10 tasks total, so wondering if I need to have a calculation that turns each word in to a "1" and then does a sum for that feild. But with 10 tasks, it'd be a long calculation, so hoping there was a simplier answer that I am missing. Or do I have to make these each their own feild with a check box?


     Thanks in advance for you help!