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    Total of certain records



      Total of certain records


      I'm trying to make a chart that will add up only certain records. I have a text field labled "Type" and a subtotal field which I need added. I want all records with certain "Type" data to be shown. How can I do this?

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          Since this is a chart, I must assume that you are actually adding up records for a number of different "types" and each type based sub total will become a different bar, pie wedge or data point on the chart.

          If You sort your records by the value in the Type field, you can define a summary field that computes your total and then you select the Type field for the x-axis, the summary field for the y axis (or pie wedge). You'll need to be careful of several key details:

          Select the option to chart "show data points for groups of records when sorted".

          Be sure to always sort your records by the Type field before viewing the chart.

          Limit your found set to just the records that you want to be used for chart data.