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Total Portal Rows by Item Number?

Question asked by RobertTaylor on Feb 27, 2013
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Total Portal Rows by Item Number?


     Hello all - I am using Filemaker Pro 11 to create Invoices / Packing Slips for PO's we receive. I have a layout for the products we sell, as well as separate layouts for an Invoice and Packing Slip. The Invoice layout incorporates a Portal that allows me to select an item, input a quantity, and then produce a printable Packing Slip... So far, this solution is working great.

     However, each week I need to generate a Report that lists the orders entered for that week - and within that report, I would like to be able to list the total amount of products that were purchased during that weekly for EACH individual item number (i.e. weekly total for item #A, weekly total for item #B, weekly total for item #C, etc., etc.)

     So, if I enter 20 PO's during a given week - at the end of that week, I generate a report that shows all of those 20 PO's in a list that includes the date, the PO#, the Bill-To and Ship-To Company Names, the Item#, and corresponding Item Quantity. But, I also need a field that will show me the weekly totals for EACH item number purchased. 

     As of right now, I can get all the fields I just mentioned to show up correctly in the report list - as well as the items and quantities that were purchased for each order. However, when I try and the fields within the report portal, I just get a total number for ALL the items that were purchased (i.e. Item #A + item #B + item #C, etc. etc)

     Is there a way that I can get the totals for SPECIFIC item numbers within a portal (i.e. weekly total for item #A, weekly total for item #B, weekly total for item #C, etc., etc.)? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, and am at a loss as to what to try next.

     Hope I described this issue well enough - Thanks in advance for any assistance you might provide!

     PS - I can provide screenshots, if necessary :)