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Total Sub Summary based on absence of data in a field

Question asked by Woodzie on May 13, 2010
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Total Sub Summary based on absence of data in a field


Hi, I'm a relative newbie, but learning fast...


My data base tracks the deployment of police officers on peacekeeping missions. I've developed a report (using sub summaries) that lists the mission by acronym (e.g. UNAMID) then a sub summary for gender to show the number of male/female officers deployed to each mission. It looks like this


AMISOM                **This is my first sub summary by Mission Acronym**

Male: 1                  **This is my second summary by Gender. Code is <<Gender>> <<Count of Universal ID#>>

Female: 3



Male: 4

Female: 3


Grand Total: 5     *Grand total currently does not equal the total of numbers above because some officers have been on several missions, or one mission several times.



Challenge: The sub summary for gender includes officers that have returned from mission. I need to report only on those officers who are still on mission and do NOT have a date of return (i.e. an empty date of return field). 


At the bottom of the report is a Grand Total Summary that must also exclude officers who have returned from mission.


Any help is appreciated. 


Filemaker Pro 11 on Windows XP