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Totaling Records In the Current Year

Question asked by JerryHall on Jul 2, 2013
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Totaling Records In the Current Year


     Ok, I'm pretty sure I've completely screwed this up...

     I have tables that are linked by an IndividualID and I need to figure out how to total the number of Training Hours a person has for the current year.

     I have a Training Class Table that holds all the classes that they might take and the hours of the class. Then I have a Class Attendees table that links the class to the Individuals. Then I have a training Tracking table that it used to track the number of required hours for the individual. I also have another table that is for training that is NOT done by US for an individual, called outside training. 


     How do I pull the total of the current training for an individual from both the Outside Training Table as well as the Training Class table but only total the number for the current year. We have to track the number of hours they have taken for the year. I've been working on this, but something's not right, I would really appreciate any help anyone could lend here.