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totaling time from another table

Question asked by jared67 on Sep 24, 2010
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totaling time from another table


I'm trying to build a dirt-simple scheduler.

I have a tasks_table and a daytasks_table. Daytasks is built to refer back to tasks, it represents a record with a date and an ID field back to tasks_table. I can sucessfully pull descriptive tasks_table data in.

However, I'm also pulling in the time per a task (inside daytasks). I'm trying to see a grand total field TaskTimeTotal, which lives in tasks_table. Currently, my total is only showing the total of the one record I've selected, when inside the daytask view layout. I've tried placing this field in the footer and inside of a part, neither of which works. I'm also reaching a dead-end building a summary field inside daytasks, as the remote fields are not available to be summarized.