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Totaling Yes Boxes

Question asked by gldiaz on Apr 16, 2011
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Totaling Yes Boxes


I need assistance with a way to get totals on a  survey using YES and/or NO boxes.

I would like to get a total of Y and/or No boxes for a type of survey.

ex.      Do you like milk?      [x]  Yes   [  ] No
           Do you have a car?  [x]  Yes   [  ] No
           Do you want taxes?  [ ]  Yes   [x} No

Total    Yes ________                        No_________

And the survey could have more boxes. So how would one set up the DB to be able to take a

count of the YESs and the NOs.  Also how to the YESs and NOs get defined? Can you help?

Finally, if the total number of boxes fall particular ranges . the totals are shown in a selected color.

ex.  Range 1-10  YESs = green colored TOTALS.

       Range 11-50 YES = Yellow colored Totals

       Range 51-100 YES= Red colored Totals.

Therefore. after the boxes are totals and fall within a selected range, the results should show in a particular color and colored.

Is this possible?