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Totalling a filtered portal

Question asked by symbister on Jan 24, 2014
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Totalling a filtered portal



     I have a layout with records from table 'Jobs' with a portal to 'Budgets'.

     Jobs::Job_No = Budgets::Job_No

     The portal is filtered to include certain budget items that have a tag set in the record.

     Budgets::Comms_tag = "x"  and Budgets::budget_amount > 0

     I'm trying to summarise the $ amounts from the budget items, for each job, using the same 'filter' as the portal, to give me totals on the layout... I've tried a number of permutations....just can't seem to get my head around it...

     each Budget record has Budget_Amount, Spent, and Budget_remaining fields

     so I want, for example, a total of Budget_Amount for those budget items that are tagged "x" for each job.

     any help appreciated