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    Totalling a filtered portal



      Totalling a filtered portal



           I have a layout with records from table 'Jobs' with a portal to 'Budgets'.

           Jobs::Job_No = Budgets::Job_No

           The portal is filtered to include certain budget items that have a tag set in the record.

           Budgets::Comms_tag = "x"  and Budgets::budget_amount > 0

           I'm trying to summarise the $ amounts from the budget items, for each job, using the same 'filter' as the portal, to give me totals on the layout... I've tried a number of permutations....just can't seem to get my head around it...

           each Budget record has Budget_Amount, Spent, and Budget_remaining fields

           so I want, for example, a total of Budget_Amount for those budget items that are tagged "x" for each job.

           any help appreciated

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               The following method produces a display only portal total. If you need to use this total in other calculations, a different method will be needed:

               In layout mode, make a copy of your portal and reduce the number of protal rows in this copy to 1. (By copying your portal, you get one the same width and with exactly the same filter expression.)

               Put a summary field defined in the portal's table to total the portal field from which you want this portal in the single row of this portal.

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                 Excellent - thanks Phil