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Totalling based on Date and Checkbox values

Question asked by WarrenAuld on Dec 17, 2013
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Totalling based on Date and Checkbox values



     I would like to total three fields based on three criteria:

  1.           the date is greater than today (currentdate), AND
  3.           the DepositPaid field (Yes/No checkbox) is Yes, AND/OR
  5.           the BalancePaid field (Yes/No checkbox) is Yes

     The fields to total are BalanceAmount, DepositAmount and TotalPaidAmount (this is the total of BalanceAmount and DepositAmount).

     So in effect, I want to only add amounts for records that are in the future, that have values in the DepositAmount that have been paid (DepositPaid) and the BalanceAmount that have been paid (BalancePaid).

     These can be displayed at the bottom of my current Details Layout.

     Hope this makes sense.

     I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11.0v4 (Mac)