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Totalling info within a value list

Question asked by imgaryshap on Sep 15, 2009
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Totalling info within a value list




In filemaker 8.0 on mac, I have a field that contains a value list holding several items.


I know how to set-up a sub-summary part in my layout that will get the total number (count) of each item in the value list, respectively, pending on how I sort my records.


My question is - how can i get individual totals for each item in the value list in the Leading Grand Summary?


so if I have a value list containing A, B, and C.  I'd rather have at the top of my report  "Total A:_____"   "Total B:______" "Total C:________", rather than doing a sort where there will by a sub-summary header that says "Total A:____" then list the records that were marked as "A", followed by a header that says "Total B:_______" followed by the records marked as B, etc...


I hope I clearly stated my issue.


Thanks so much.