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    Totalling String Values in Reports



      Totalling String Values in Reports


      For example I have some below records.


      Name      Month

      John         Jan

      James      Feb

      John         June

      James      May

      John        Feb



      Now what formula will I use to calculate that how many times the word  John or James was entered into all my records. 


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          Define a summary field as the "count of" your name field.

          Set up a layout for list view and add a sub summary part "when sorted by" the name field.

          Put the summary field into this sub summary part.

          Sort your records by the name field to group them by name.

          You can delete the body layout part if you just want one row for each name with a total.

          That's the simplest, There are also ways to get this count with a relationship and you can also use ExecuteSQL if you have FileMaker 12.