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Totalling value list responses in a Calculation field

Question asked by trevorlawson on Dec 15, 2008
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Totalling value list responses in a Calculation field


Hi all,


As a newbie, please forgive my ignorance on Calculations.


In my questionnaire database, respondents have given an answer to a question.  The answer options are contained in a value list:


Very Poor




Very good


So if the question was "What do you think of my Calculation writing skills", most will have selected "Very poor" from the drop down list. 


I have 360 respondents and want to show how many said "Very poor", "Poor" and so on, in a report.  I want to write a calculation field for each possible answer (five in all).


I've created a first calculation field for answer "Very poor" and cannot get the field to produce a number, because I'm getting syntax wrong.


The field containing the value list is called "QA07".  What should the calculation look like?  I think it should look something like this, but the syntax is way out somewhere. 


SUM ( If QA07 = Very poor )


The Specify Calculation dialogue box tells me that The specified field could not be found.


What I find a bit weird about Filemaker is that there are no operators on either side of a field to make it clear that it is a field, as is the case in, say, Excel.


One other thing.  Is Filemaker case-sensitive?  The reason that I ask is that one possible answer is "Very poor" whilst another is "Poor".  If I ask Filemaker to calculate how many said "Poor", will the answer also include those who chose "Very poor", even though it has a lower case "p"?


Any advice warmly welcomed.