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Totally customise email body

Question asked by dinoapolito on Mar 3, 2015
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Totally customise email body



I have a script which loops through records in a found set and sends an email for each. That parts easy.

And I know how to customise the body of the email message from within the send email dialogue. Again easy.

And I do this all with the 'perform without dialogue' option which is what I want.

But ... I'm not the end user. I want the different end users to be able to enter their custom message into a layout somewhere and have the email use that instead. Again that's easy until I want to use replaceable text.

For example, if I enter the following DIRECTLY into the message box of the Send Email window I get what I need

"Hello "& subject::name

which gets me Hello John, Hello Sally etc. Great

But my customers may want something different, perhaps not even in English. So I created a global field called BODY in a GeMail table and I call that onto the message box with.


Now the customer could go to the layout with that field and enter their custom message. They may enter

"Dear "& subject::firstname

It no longer works. The emails will just repeat the text verbatim rather than get the firstname for each record.

I hope this makes sense. Note I can get the result I want by importing a text file into the message box but I can't do that automatically with no dialogue.

Please help if possible