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    Totally New to FileMaker Pro



      Totally New to FileMaker Pro


      So, I entered contacts . . . what do i do next? The tutorial are not helpful because I am using some layout they had. I wanted to make an invoice and also sent and email, but I am clueless . . . oh I am using the trial version . . . I also converted an excel file that I had for other contacts I had . . . what do I do or what can I do???? Help, I am getting overwhelm and I don't think I need this program . . . somebody recommended this program to log video footage, but if I can even help myself with simple contact and email . . . I don't think I will be able to use it . . . aahhhhhhhh

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          I think you have just a few choices to choose from:


          1) Invest the time to learn how to create a database using Filemaker Pro. You'd probably end up spending a good deal of time reading a book on the subject, running through some tutorials such as those offered by Filemaker Inc. and posting lots of questions here at the forum. While Filemaker is pretty easy for the novice to learn how to use, it will take time to learn. (You did get an offer for some free tutorials along with the trial copy didn't you?)


          2) Get someone else to create your database for you. This means finding a consultant and paying them to design the database for you.


          3) Find a ready made filemaker solution that does what you want.


          4) Find some other program that does what you need without requiring you to learn how to design databases.

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               Thanks . . . I did go through the tutorial. I just think this is not for me