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Question asked by MikeTV on Feb 9, 2009
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Totals & Sub Totals in Grouped Reports


My credentials:

  • Experienced DataEase (for DOS) database developer....
  • .....but new to FileMaker
  • Using FM Pro 9 Advanced 



I am having trouble in showing Totals & Sub Totals in a grouped report. 


Scenario is this:


I have a table in a telephone call logging system which contains all the outgoing calls made. Data is held at individual call level and accumulates over time, resulting in a fairly large record count (currently around 12k records). Each call is flagged as either a "business" or a "personal" call.


The report I am trying to create needs to include only those records that lie between a pair of dates, these to be input by the user at run-time. The output needs to be grouped into "business" & "personal" calls, with sub-totals for each grouping and a grand total at the bottom.


The (sub)summary figures needed are: a count of the number of calls made, and the sum of the call costs, but only for calls within the specified time period.


Relevant table & field details as follows:


Table: PHONE_CALLS (about 12k records, but will get much bigger over time)

Fields: CallDate (user to select records on this, e.g. 01/01/2009 to 31/01/2009)



          BusinessOrPrivate  (report to group on this field)


I know how to make the output split into groups and list the record lines within each group, but I haven't dicovered how to provide the sub-totals and grand total needed.


This is familiar (and very easy) stuff to do in DataEase, but I'm left scratching my head a bit with FileMaker at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated.