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Totals at the bottom of EACH page.

Question asked by pilot_john on Mar 19, 2013
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Totals at the bottom of EACH page.



         I have a pilot logbook table & layout in my filemaker pro 11 database. I'm using Mac OS 10.7.  When I print this layout, I want a total for each column at the bottom of each page. I actually want 2 rows in the footer section. I want one that shows the totals for the current page, another one that is a running total that shows the the total of all previous pages plus the current page. If I could firgure out one, I'm sure i'd figure out the other but right now I can not get either one to work. I already have a summary field for each column that I want totaled. and when I put it in the footer it shows the totals for all records in the found set, which makes it show the same number at the bottom of every page. I need it to recalculate a new number for each page.

         As you can see in the screenshot, it shows 23 landings when there are only 4 landings on that page. (The day landings is the field that I keep working with. I figure there's no sense in changing every summary field until I can get one of them to work. )

         I have tried adding a field to the body that's not in the printable area that is an unstored calculation field with the calculation: Get ( PageNumber )     and then under the options for one of my Summary fields, I selected "Running Total", and then selected "Restart summary for each sorted group", and then selected When Sorted By: "Page Number".  (Where "Page Number" is the name of the calculation field that gets the page number.) And then I sorted the records by Page Number and clicked Preview but that didn't change anything, each page still only shows the total of all records.

     Please help,