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    Totals on a report



      Totals on a report


           I have a report with data from related tables.  I need a grand total of the QTY field from one table times the AMT field on another table.

           Can anyone help?

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               I would copy the AMT to the table where you specify the quantity and multiple the QTY by AMT there record by record so that a sum can be computed. That way, a future price increase won't result in past transactions recalculating to use a new AMT value--which would show incorrect totals on those past transactions.

               But to do what you describe:

               AMT * Sum ( RelatedTable::Qty )

               To do what I recommend:

               Sum ( RelatedTable::ItemCost )

               where ItemCost is defined as: AMT * Qty and AMT uses an auto-enter field option to copy over the current AMT from the other related table.

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                 Thank you very much!