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Totals on Menu

Question asked by Annette on Apr 16, 2015
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Totals on Menu


Hi guys,

Was looking to get some help on something.  I have a table called register.  I have some number fields on it as well as some text.  Field1, Field 2, Field 3, Level, Status.  Basically a number goes in fields 1 and 2, Field 3 is field 1 X field 2 and level is a text calculation field depending on the number in Level field and Status is a text field.

Ex Field1 = 5, Field 2 = 3, Field 3= 15, Level = "Moderate", Status = Open

I waanted to make a calculation fields ( I think) which would be a count of certain criteria of fields Level and Status. 

Ex: count of Moderate, Open records.  I want to then have these totals appear on the menu so the user sees them at a glance.  Ive attached an image of what I want to do on menu. 

Is it calculation fields I want to add to that table?  Am I going about this wrong?