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    tour availability



      tour availability


      We do rafting trips. I created a customer management database to take customer reservations. I need to find a way to set availability for each trip. For example, if there are 50 spaces available on the 10:00 trip and someone reserves 2 space the availability goes to 48. I hope this make sense.

      Thanks in advance 


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          Hi Smoky

          What tables do you have at the moment?

          I would see that you need a field in the TRIP record for maximum capacity (e.g. 50).

          You would have a CUSTOMER table and a RESERVATION table. These would be joined thus:




          Remaining places on each trip would be calculated with a field in the trip table:


            = MaximumCapacity - Count ( RESERVATION::ID )


          So what you are doing is to subtract the number of related reservation records from the maximum capacity for the trip.


          Does that help? 

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            Thanks David,

            It gives me a place to start. I currently only have one table that has customer info and fields for customer totals. I`m still real sketchy on how relationships work. If I can pick your brain just a bit more...

            On any given day we have 25 different trip times. So, if will the max field relate to any day or will I need to set something up to define individual dates?

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              Each 'trip' would be a different record with a date and time.


              If you wanted an overview of what was going on on any day, you could have another table for DATES:


              CUSTOMER ---< RESERVATION >--- TRIP >--- DATE


              The relationship between TRIP and DATE is via the date field in each. 

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                Thanks David,

                I think I need to watch some more tutorials on relationships. I feel a little out of my "pay grade" as it were. You give me hope that what I need to do is possible.