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Tracer 9 external authentication using FileMaker Server

Question asked by Lholsey on Mar 30, 2010
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Tracer 9 external authentication using FileMaker Server


I have recently installed FileMaker Server 11 on a Windows 2003 Server along with application Tracer 9.  The setup required the Tracer 9 database be uploaded into FileMaker Server for management and access remotely from client desktops using File Maker Pro via remote access.  I am trying to setup external authentication using the Tracer 9 application through FileMaker Pro but the items listed under File\Manage is all greyed out.  If I create a new database within FileMaker Pro I am able to manage the security accounts for the database.  Has anyone else used FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro with Tracer 9 that can assist in the authentication piece.  The only other way would be to create accounts for Tracer 9 and log into the application.


I have been successful in all of the setup to this point.