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Track and approve changes in database

Question asked by TobiasTaut on May 20, 2015
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Track and approve changes in database


Hello everyone!

Currently I'm testing FileMaker with regard to certain aspects. Maybe you can tell me or help how to achieve this:

At the moment we store various information in a giant excel file. Several user interact with the data which can cause inconsistencies. Therefore we want to use FileMaker to prevent these inconsistencies caused by allowing multiple users to edit the data. For example we have a list of debtor invoices which is planned for two years. This means there are already all entries with information. However, some fields are blank. When an invoice is sent to a customer user1 should enter the invoice number in the blank ID field. It's also possible that non-blank fields get changed (e.g. change of customer address). 

Let's assume that today he sent out 20 invoices and entered 20  invoice numbers. Because this is critical information an admin should be able to track and approve these 20 changes. How can I (as an admin) track and approve/deny these changes? (similar to Excel's track changes features which doesn't work properly in Excel for Mac).

So far, I created several users and automated modified by and modified (time) fields. But then I cannot see what has changed and previously stored information is lost.

I know FileMaker is and can a lot more, but this one main requirement.

I'd be very happy if you could help me. Thank you so much!


Greetings from Berlin