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Track Attendance, Store, Token System,

Question asked by kekoan on Nov 19, 2008


Track Attendance, Store, Token System, & Id Cards


I've run into a need and I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction.

We have over 1,000 kids on a weekly basis. We provide rice to those ones who are underweight and malnourished, vitamins to pregnant mothers, and free dental services.


Every week when they attend our services we provide them with tokens. After the service thy can use thier tokens to buy items at our store, toys, shirts, school supplies, etc. About the tokens, they receive 5 upon entrance, if they have their kids club tshirt, they get an extra token, however if they need to go to the bathroom, they lose a token or if they are disruptive, they lose another one etc.. The tokens which act as dollars to use at our store. All of which is free to those who attend but earn dollars.  We currently print our own coins but it gets expensive to replace and very time consuming in keeping records.


I'd like to have a system set up whereby we can track this either using scanner with id cards. It is for attendance, relationship info. between siblings or families, who we distributed rice and vitamins to, track the progress of pregnant moms.


Is there a card system where we can do this? Add points, take away points and then they can use the points accumulated to purchase items?

Any ideas or possibilities that we can find a solution to? We have filemaker but my simple database is very archaic. I've been looking stuff up on this for the past month and can't seem to find anything that is an answer to this.

As a final thing worth noting is that we use exclusively Apple computers.

Thanks for any help, Mark