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Track classroom attendance

Question asked by tciasl on Sep 10, 2013
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Track classroom attendance


     I am having trouble figuring out the best way to track student attendance.  In theory, attendance will be taken daily, but could be edited at a later date if the reason was excusable.  I have a table of students, and was planning to have another table that just tracked days absent.  In it are 4 fields (AbsentID, StudentID, AbsentDate, AbsentFlag).  Here are my questions and issues:

     1) My class is presented in a portal by grade that pulls from the Student table.  I have a checkbox for the AbsentFlag field, however when I check it for one student, it checks all of the boxes for the whole class.  My table shows one entry, that is always for the student with the lowest StudentID.  Please explain that behavior.

     2) I'd like to have a global date field outside the portal which I could change to see who was absent on a particular day, and as I said, possibly change or add an absentee entry, either to correct an error or to excuse an absentee entry.  I don't see how I am going to make that work.  Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated.