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Track Status Changes

Question asked by CaitlinM on Dec 5, 2011
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Track Status Changes




At our hospital, I've created a Filemaker database that has all our department's patients who are being considered - or once were considered, for a transplant. When a new patient is referred to us, they get entered into the database, and their status is selected from a dropdown value list, as either 'considered for transplant,' 'unconsidered for transplant,' 'transplant complete,' or 'rejected for transplant.'


I have set up creation timestamps and modification timestamps for each patient record. However I would like to create a report or perhaps a portal, where it displays when a patient's status changed, i.e. what date did a patient go from being 'considered for transplant,' to 'rejected for transplant.' And then being able to find how many patients in the last year for example went from 'transplant considered' to 'rejected.'


Thank you for your help!!