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    Tracking a basketball game



      Tracking a basketball game


           I want to track possessions of basketball games for our players.

           We have 82 games and want to track a specific thing called screening and if a player makes contact with another player or not. I'd like to see if it led to a basket and how many points we scored on a screen.

           After the game I'd like a detailed report on each player after the game on how many screens they attempted and made contact as well as a percentage. There are two types of screens and want to not only get the total screens but the two types and percentage connected as well.

           I assume a table for players as well as games and join them


           id also like to keep the total for the season as well as on a per game basis.

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               Not to sound rude...but do you have a question? Or are you looking to hire someone to do this?

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                 No my question is how to set it up as far as the tables. I wanted to see if anyone had ideas on joining the tables correctly. I know what fields to use but wasn't sure how to make it functional. I guess my last post didn't seem like much of a question. I didn't know if I needed a separate table for games , players, and possessions in a game . Thank you

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                   So your stat needs to record, who set the screen, in what game and whether it resulted in a basket for your team?


                   But this is fast action data entry with lots of room for error so there are layout designs and tricks that can speed the data entry and minimize user interaction to tapping a button to select the player and then tapping a button to record basket or a third button to record no basket (I'm assuming a stat taker with an iPad in the stands for this...)

                   The buttons could create a new record in GameStats or increment number fields in an existing record. You won't want to select the GameID each time so you would set things up with that value in a global variable so that each new record auto-enters that value for you.

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                     I'll be watching film after the game and entering the data possession by possession . What I did was hat a participation table joined player and game and then entered the data in the participation table. It works well but to breakdown the players I need to do searches. I'd like to have a roster every game that breaks down the amount of screens, percentage, etc.



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                       Even with game film, you'll want to record the data as fast and accurately as possible so that you don't have to use pause and rewind more than you really have to and thus get on to the next task more quickly.

                       What you want should be possible via a summary report based on the GameStats join table. In order to get a break down by possession, I'd think that you'd want to create a new record each time that a player sets a screen (or does any other action for which you want to gather stats). That provides maximum flexibility for your report.

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                         Exactly!! Ever screen is recorded on every possession. It's great to do searches and it works well. Only thing is it would be cool in the player table to have a portal with his totals of screens makes misses etc. but since it is connected to the participation table it lists every possession for him which is good to see but would like totals.


                         Player------participation---- games


                         is it possible to have totals per game listed in player table and also list all the players with their totals in the game table so I can create a report for each game with everyone listed?

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                           We are bouncing back and forth between two threads on the same issue. wink

                           It is indeed possible to get such lists. See your other thread first. Then note that calculation fields with sum functions can total the contents of a specific field for a specific set of related records--such as all the "Veers" for Player 12 during game 6....