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Tracking appointments by date

Question asked by tb3 on May 13, 2011
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Tracking appointments by date & time -


I'm using Filemaker for contact management and would like to integrate appointment and task scheduling. I'm lost and could use a little directrion. One file may have several scheduled dates associated with it. Over the course of a year, some files may have 30 plus events scheduled. Can this be set up in a way that I can examine all scheduled events associated with a single file. Also need to find all scheduled events across all files and need each event to associate with specific notes (description of the event, i.e. meeting, phone call, etc.) that go with it.  The To Do List template has all the right fields, ore fields than I need actually, but it keeps each task as an individual record. I see how one dated task per record would be easy to setup - but -  I need an individual contact record to contain multiple tasks. Can this be done? I would like to use Filemaker as an alternative to seperate scheduling software or a date book.