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    Tracking attempts and contacts



      Tracking attempts and contacts


      What would be a good way for a user to track how many attempts and contacts that they have made on a certain contact? Right now I am using a radio button set numbered 1-15 but I was told to think of something different. Any ideas?

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             Why not store each time in a related log table. You log each time a correspondence was made to that particular contact. Then you can just use a count ( counting the related records) to display how many times it was.
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            The added benefit of using a related table and storing the attempts as records is that you can include the current date and the User name.  Then  later, when Management wants to see how many connections to the Contact have been made by the User for the month or quarter or year, they can get some good stats on the progress (per User) over time.  You can even deliver stats based upon the state the Contact resides in - how many connection attempts have taken place to Contacts in California and then that can be compared to overall sales dollars generated.


            This is a powerful Management tool for viewing their sales force (and how hard they are working) and how that translates into bottom dollars.  Data modeling is very exciting!!