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    Tracking attendance



      Tracking attendance


      I administrate the children's ministry at my church and want to track Wednesday and Sunday attendance.  For the first quarter I gave each Wed and Sun its own dedicated field (25 separate fields).  Do I need to make a separate field for each Wed and Sun for the rest of the year (approx 104 fields)?


      Needless to say I am a babe in the woods here but I learn quickly.  Thanks for any help.



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          Hi Jim,


          If you have a primary record of info you don't want to create a field for each Wednesday and Sunday as this will cause you more problems as you want to add more and more, the best way to do this would be to have a seperate table for Attendance that is linked to your main table via the unique ID of the main record. And then you can create as many attendance records as you need to, without extra fields.


          First you will need to have a UniqueID field in your primary table, if you don't already have one, and to do this create a number field called UniqueID and then hit the 'Options...' button and under the 'Auto-Enter' tab select the option for 'serial number' and click 'OK'


          Now you want to create your Attendance table, and in that table create a filed called ParentID and make that a number, you can also add any other fields you need to track info on i.e. Date and NumberAttended etc.


          Now you link the two table go into the Relationship tab and create a link between your primary table ad your new table using the ID field



          UniqueID --=--   PrimaryID


          You can then click on the '=' box to display options for the relationship and you could select to 'Allow creation of records in this table' under the ATTENDANCE side, this will mean in the portal on your layout you can click into the bottom row, which will be blank, and quickly create a new related record.


          And then on your layout create a portal that references ATTENDANCE and display the date and quantity fields.


          Then creating a new attendance record can be down via a script, or clicking in the last row and inputting a date.


          You can then move the data from your 25 field to there own records. 


          I hope this helps in getting you started with this.


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            If I understand the question correctly, you need three tables for this: Students, Events and Attendance, related as:


            Students -< Attendance >- Events



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              Thanks Orlando,  I'll get right on it and let you know how it work out.


              Again thanks,



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                Thanks again Orlando, sorry I took so long to get back.  37 years ago I could program cobal and fortran but this tables and relational stuff is eating my lunch.  They say the first thing to go is memory and I'm still trying to remember what the next thing is.  At any rate I am using tabs for Qtr 1, Qtr 2 etc and merely making separate fields for each Wed and Sun.  All I can say is it works.  I have purchased both the Filemaker training course and the one from VTC both of which are excellent.  The VTC one is I think more designed for experienced people but I am working my way through both of them.  Again thanks.