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Tracking Daily Reservations

Question asked by smkoonjul on Jun 14, 2010
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Tracking Daily Reservations


I'm building a lending database (FM 10) and have integrated a calendar system (seed code) to make reservations for equipment.


I have one table for Transactions (that is, check outs/check ins) and one table for Reservations. What I want to make now is a Quick Sheet that will show all the Equipment and tells you the check out status and whether it's reserved for the Current Day or not.


The first part is easy (Check Out Status on Equipment Table, if Equipment is checked out, Check Out Status = Out, if not, = In)


But I'm not really sure how to track the second one.

I tried making a field in equipment (Reserved Today). My thought was if a record in Reservations has the same start date as the current date, then I could have a field for the equipment that said it was Reserved Today. Calc:


If (  GetAsNumber(Reservations::DateStart) = GetAsNumber(Get(CurrentDate)) ; "Yes" ; "No" )


but I'm not getting the results I want. The dates from DateStart don't seem to be carrying into the Equipment Table to well...

Reservations::DateStart is related to Equipment::Reserved Today, and so is Item ID.


Is there a better way to go about this?