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    tracking donations



      tracking donations


      Just want opinions on the best way to track donations for my non-profit using FMP11. I'm learning FMP11 on the fly here and creating a database that stores both patient contact and demographic info and donor contact and gifts/donations info. Some donors have given up to 12 gifts in the past and I need to keep track of date, type of payment, reason..etc. for each so I can sort them along with whatever new gifts they may give.

      Then I will need to ask lots of questions like how many people gave >1000, how much was donated in 2009- totals, typical things like that.

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          You can store both patient and donor contact info in the same table since the type of information is the same--you can just add a field to identifiy a contact as Patient or Donor (or possibly both) if you need to keep track of which is which. You can then setup a related table of donations were each gift is recorded as a separate record. Fields in this table would record the date, amount and donor id as well as any other field you need to document a single gift.

          Reports can be based on this donations table to allow you to track your donations by amount, date, etc.

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            Thanks. So I'm still in the beginning learning stages of fmp here and I get lost when you say "each gift is recorded as a separate record"...

            here's how im setting the db up so far:

            In the main data entry layout I created a main tab to hold names and contact info (for companies/donors/patients/whatever) with contact info fields (address/phone../ patient/ donor - like you suggest -so i can find which is which because patients can be donors too)

            then made a tab for donations and a separate tab for patient demographics (each tab having the pertinent appropriate fields)

            So you're saying to create a table on my donations tab that will record each donation as a separate record - and i only know how to create new fields so far - how do i get the table to record each gift as a separate record?

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              1. Open Manage | Database | Tables
              2. Enter the table name and click Create
              3. Click the Fields tab to start defining your fields for this new table.


              You'll also need a relationship that links your first table to this new donations table so that you can see which donations were made by a given donor recorded in your first table.

              If you don't already have one, you'll need an ID field in your donor table that auto-enters a serial number. You then need to define a matching field in the new donations table. Now click the Relationships tab and drag from the Donor::DonorID field to the Donations::DonorID field to create  a relationship.

              Now you can click OK to exit manage | database and can place a portal to donations on your donations tab.

              Before you try to do this, you probably will need to look up serial number fields and portals in FileMaker help to learn more about them. I also suggest you invest in either some tutorials or a book on FileMaker. We'll help you all we can here in the forum, but such an investment on your part will help you get up and going a lot faster.

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                Wow thanks so much for your helpful thoughtful answer!

                Going to try it right now!

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                  You might find it useful to look at this Free Open Donations Database Template


                  They (Richard Carlton Consulting Inc) also offer Starting Point




                  The FMP White Paper for Novices here is also worthwhile for some