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Tracking incoming inventory parts from multiple item receipts

Question asked by CraigFink on Feb 28, 2014
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Tracking incoming inventory parts from multiple item receipts


     I am a contractor who inventories most of there products to be sold.  I am attempting to to track from PO(stock ordered ) to item receipt (Stock received).  I have a diagram that goes from PO Table to PO Line item table to track each individual part ordered. Then, I have a table Item Received that is related to the PO To Track the different shipments received to fulfill  the PO.  Here is where I start stumbling.   Since all line items or all the quantities of each line item are not necessarily fulfilled on one item receipt is the reason I have an additional table for item receipts.  What I do not see is how , since each PO and each PO line item can have multiple item receipts, how I can Track Each line item from the PO to see if it has been fulfilled.   I have seen other examples where they do not track the individual item receipts but I would like to because these item receipts are generally turned into bills when they are received.

     Any input would be great as I also want to use the same methods for outgoing to the different jobs

     Thanks, Craig