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tracking inventory in a wine cellar

Question asked by Luc on Jun 21, 2010
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tracking inventory in a wine cellar


I am using FMP 10 on a Mac OS X v. 10.? (latest). Curently, application runs on standalone computer, not on a network.

I am not very experienced with FMP. Used to work with Access relatively simple applications.

I am developing a database to track inventory in a sizeable wine cellar. I have defined various tables, which can be categorised in wine related tables, purchases, sales, consumption/usage/breakage and locations in cellar. Every bottle needs to have an unique location in the cellar.

I do not understand how to develop the data base to enter a purchase (or sale/consumption) of multiple bottles and at the same time allocate each bottle individually to a location in the cellar.

Cna anyone help to explain how this should be done?