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Tracking members at events

Question asked by NonProfitMembership on Sep 23, 2009
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Tracking members at events




Working for the first time with FileMaker, would love to have someone set it up for us but we can't afford it, so we're doing it on our own, please be patient and use lay terminology!


We have a main database where we input our members information, name, address, etc.  With each person's membership i'd like to track which events they've attended and which additional fundraisers they've participated in.  Here's where the problem exists.


We ask everyone at our events to sign in, then we create an excel sheet for each attendance list.  I'm able to import the list into FM but what i'd like the program to do is search the names on theses lists and imput in the main members database if they were found at that event. 


A lot of times we have non-members attend the events but i'd like to keep their names in there to keep track of them.


Is there anyway to create a portal (if that's the appropriate thing to use) to have FM identify first and last names and therefore add the event name they attended? 


I hope I explained it correctly, please let me know if you need additional information.


Thank you in advanced.