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Tracking mulitiple payments for invoices

Question asked by brianquillin on Apr 3, 2011
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Tracking mulitiple payments for invoices


I need a jump start to this portion of my solution.  I'm building a database for managing an auction for a fundraising event.  It is nearly complete (from a functional standpoint) but I've lost my mind trying to read about other solutions and then figure out how it should be applied to mine.

Setup so far: Buyers, Items, Invoices (all subtotals and totals working as expected).  There are other components such as Donors and Donation Receipt printing which is all setup and working fine.  (my screen shot will only show the area of my relational table that I'm working on)  I've setup "Invoice Payments", a "join table" to connect my "Invoices" to a newly created "Payments" table. Things you see in the Payments table in the screen shot are experimental (obviously justifying my need to post this)

What I need to do:  Track multiple payments from a single buyer to their invoice.  Invoices will be created at the end of the event when the bidding has ended.  Therefore, my solution really only needs to account for ONE Invoice for ONE Buyer with MULTIPLE payments (any thoughts here?).

* Some Buyers will pay in FULL at the event.  For this, I have placed a "payment" field on the invoice but I don't believe that payment field is actually "assigned" to the buyer (it is Invoice::payment).  Meaning it is reflected on the buyer's invoice but not otherwise related to them.  I'd like to modify that so that I can see ALL payments received from a particular buyer at anytime (after the event obviously).

** Some Buyers will pay a deposit that night and then mail in their remaining balance later.

*** Some Buyers will pay nothing at the event but pay in full (or in several payments) later (we hope!)

I want to use portals to enter new Payments, preferably on the Buyers table.

My problem:  I just don't know how to get started.  I have found nothing specific that deals with the initial steps of getting this going.  Perhaps I wasn't searching the correct terms or in the right places.