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Tracking Status for a Reservation

Question asked by GuilhermePrudente on Mar 28, 2013
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Tracking Status for a Reservation


     Hi again everyone,

     I have successfully replaced all the ID fields from my "enumeration" tables to just the name of the property and altered the relationships accordingly. It really was great since I don't have to set the data type of the fields as a drop-down menu + value list to get the "look-up" effect of having a field being set with ID but displaying the name. However, I am undecided on my current case of having several status(Proposal Pending, Proposal Approved, Proposal in Revision, Manager Approved,many more etc.) when doing script checks. 


     Table TableName(field,field)

     Approach #1

     Table Booking Status(name) = Proposal Pending,Proposal Approved,etc.

     Downside:Have to do checks with text in the scripts, which is bad because of typos and whatever else might happen.


     Approach #2

     Table Booking Status(ID,name) = 1,Proposal Pending

     Downside: On every layout that displays booking status, have to use drop-down menu with ID+name to display and set it correctly. The number itself does not give any information when reading the code further along(inside scripts and such).


     My "Approve Proposal" button does a check if Status = "Proposal Pending". If I kept the ID's, I would have Status = 1, and that would be good because I could change a "description"(Proposal Pending) to whatever later on,if need be. 

     So I'm here to ask: what is the most commonly accepted/used way in FileMaker to handle this scenario? Should I stick to value lists populated with IDs+Name from the enumeration table(BookingStatus) on this particular case, or are there other options?