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Trading database set up

Question asked by pdoak_1 on Oct 15, 2010
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Trading database set up


Background Info: I am using the following

  1. Filemaker pro 11
  2. Mac OS X 10.6.4
  3. Single user mode
  4. Just started using Filemaker and have constructed one database from scratch so far
  5. Basic design help needed
  6. I am modifying the contact management database
  7. Scripts - I will need them but just looking at design at the moment
  8. It will involve some calculation fields

Essentially I want the database to record stock transaction, cash movements, dividends etc.  I thought I would use the Contact Management database starter solution as I would need to start with clients and add the trading database around it.  In addition to the contacts table, I think I will need the following tables:

  • MasterTradeDatabase - this will hold the high level trades
  • ClientAccounts - lists all accounts for each client ie GBP, EUR, etc accounts
  • ClientTrades - this will hold the allocation of the master trades relating to each client
  • Allocations - this is the allocation table which determines how the master trades will be split amongst the clients
  • CompanyMaster - this holds the stock records ie stock name, exchange, sedol etc

The aspect that I am having trouble with is allocating the trades to each client.  I have looked at the Bonsai gardens design as this is similar in that there is an order with multiple entries for products.  This equates to my situation where there is a high level trade which then splits into smaller trades allocated to each client but how do I automate the splitting of the trades?

Can anyone suggest the best way to get filemaker pro to split the high level trades to the various clients using a predefined allocation rule automatically.

Many thanks