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Trail Balance from Filemaker pro

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Apr 17, 2012
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Trail Balance from Filemaker pro


Hello Guys i need to add the extra function for trail balance on our database. 

01. I have 3 tables and the names are  Transactions , Accounts , and sub_accounts


Accounts = subaccounts  

pk_accountfamily_id -----> fk_accountfamily_id (= allowing to create clild records on subaccounts table) (We have only 7 Accounts)

Transactions = Accounts 

pk_account_id -----> fk_account_id  (= allowing to create clild records on Transaction  table) 

* Normally Trail balance based on  Account Families, Lets Say we have  Family called 6 So the Account id is  6  , and 601, 602, 603, etc , those are standard formats and will be clid records of Account 6.

So when i try to create new records in  transaction table, i can select which account and which sub accounts that transaction is related .

For instance Lets talk about Account No 6, and family 602 (Sales of services) .

 I have 10 records in transaction table, imagine from that 10 records 6 records are related to 602(Account 6) and 2 Records are related to 603 (again account 6), and another 2 records related to 500 (Account 5). So what i want to get the Total  of this 602 in to one field.

* So from all the records of transaction table, this should filter Total of  all 602, 603, and so on. 

The End Result should be Stay in one Calculation Field.