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    Trailing Grand Summary



      Trailing Grand Summary



      I'd like to have a report that tells me how many clients came in per month.  For example, if Bill comes in 5 times and Mary comes in 3 times, that would be 8 sessions but it would only be 2 clients.  I can get my report to show the 8 sessions, but can't figure out how to get it to show 2 clients.

      I've looked in the forums but can't seem to find the answer and I'm sure it's something super simple.

      Can anyone help?



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          Comment posted a "sum the reciprocal" method that can work for this. I wouldn't say it's super simple, but it works.

          1. Define a summary field, sSessions, as the "count of" your client ID field. By itself, this gives you your "8 sessions".
          2. Define a calculation field cFraction, as 1 / GetSummary ( sSessions ; ClientID )
          3. Define a summary field sClientCount as the "total of" cFraction. This last field will give you your "2 clients" when you sort your records by ClientID, (The "break field" in the getsummary function  and place this field in your trailing grand summary layout part.