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Trailing Grand Summary Problem

Question asked by sccardais on Oct 29, 2014
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Trailing Grand Summary Problem


My sub summary report is based on a table "ORGs" that is related to itself using two match fields: Price Tier and Status.

The report shows the count of records in a related table using a calculated field - "c_CountOrgsByPriceTier"

The calculation for this field is Count(ORGs_self_tier::c_PriceTier) This calculation correctly displays the number of related records.(e.g 22 in Tier 0, 100 in Tier 1, etc.)

I want to sum these values in a Trailing Grand Summary. I have a summary field that totals c_CountOrgsByPriceTier. I place this in a Trailing Grand Summary but the results are incorrect.

I've looked at this every way I can think of but cannot understand why the total is not working.

What might I be doing wrong?

The attached screenshot shows how the relationship is defined and the structure of the Layout.