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Trailing Grand Summary pushed to extra page

Question asked by kleink on Sep 19, 2013
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Trailing Grand Summary pushed to extra page



     I'm using FileMaker to populate a form and for some reason my trailing grand summary is being pushed to an entirely new page.  The title header contains the static information that must be on the form for signatures, the body is list of fields, and the grand summary contains the "HR Only" section that only needs to at the end of the document (not on every page).  Depending on the information selected, the documents range from 2 pages to 27 pages and if I move the HR Only section to the footer it forces the department to sign every single page when they only really need to sign the last page.   When I adjust the trailing summary to follow immediately after the body, it moves the section to the middle of the page- it must stay on the bottom.  I deleted it and reinserted it and still get the same problem.  How can I adjust this so I don't have a blank page at the end with the summary?  Thanks!