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Trailing Grand Summary with a field from related table

Question asked by RealNameArcher on Mar 13, 2015
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Trailing Grand Summary with a field from related table


I have a sub-summary report with a trailing grand summary. The sub-summary includes a field from a parent table titled "gross_ac". I would like to include a summary field for the "gross_ac" in my Trailing grand summary which doesn't total every instance in the sub-summary portion. For example I will have 5 related records to a property who's gross_ac is "10.00". Each related record will attribute a percentage of that gross_ac to one owner and calculate the "net_ac". My sub-summary part totals the net for each related set and my trailing grand summary will total the net across all records (works fine). My problem is that the "gross_ac" in the trailing grand summary is adding the gross from the parent table for every record in the child table so it basically multiplies the gross_ac by the number of related records.

(5 related records, with a "gross_ac" of 10.00 = 50.00 in the trailing grand summary when it should still be "10.00")

How can I use only the one instance of the "gross_ac" in each sub-summary set to compile a grand summary total at the end of my report?