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Trailing Grand Summary: Finding the Largest Number

Question asked by photowyzard on Jul 17, 2014
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Trailing Grand Summary: Finding the Largest Number


     I am brain blocked on how to do the following:

     Lets say we have 25 Records. (Number of records doesn't matter)

     Record size increases over time.

     We have a Field called DISTANCE.  Distance in each record only increases in number by random amounts.

     In the Grand Summary, we have a field called Total Distance. 

     There could be 40 or 50 records, with additional records being added on an ongoing basis, but the only number that I want to capture is the record that has the highest number. 

     How would you suggust I go about doing that?

     Example for futher clarity

     Record #1, Distance 100

     Record #2,  Distance 200

     Record #3,  Distance 150

     In my summary report, I just want the value for Record #2.... 200, becuase that is the largest number.

     When Record #4 is recorded and the Distance value is 400, I want my report to capture the highest number, which is 400.

     Thanks in advance.