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Question asked by yyaboo on Mar 24, 2010






I am new to this forum and am hoping to please get some guidance.


I have been working in arts and more recently management and have realised the greatness and professional uses of filemaker and have decided that i want to learn how to use it. I have become fairly proficient at Bento but now need the power of filemaker Pro and if possible even reach the level of developer if that were possible as i like the idea of doing this for a living if given the chance.


I would like to know ways for me to learn to use it. I have already looked at the videos at of filemaker essential videos but they seem to move too fast for me and also skip through too many things they assume the user already knows and I definitely need basics! Are there good basic videos for filemaker 11 or 10 as well as any relatively inexpensive classes that i could enroll in the London area (uk).


Thank you very much.