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    Traning Matrix



      Traning Matrix


      Iam after creating a training matrix. What I have is the following fields Name , TestType, DateOfAnalysis

      I have about 15 different names and 10 different tests and about 300 records.

      Iam looking to design a layout which tell me the last DateOfAnalysis for each Test

      For example I would like something like this

      AnalysisName 1            Test1           06/12/2010

      AnalysisName 2            Test1           01/12/2010

      AnalysisName 3            Test1           01/12/2010

      Any suggestions what would be the best way to achive something like this?

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          Create a list view layout and change the body layout part into a subsummary part "when sorted by TestType". (Double click the Body part label while in layout mode or select Part Setup from the Layouts Menu.)

          Place your name, TestType and DateOfAnalysis fields inside this subSummary part.

          Return to browse mode and sort your records with a sort order that includes the TestType field.

          If you have more than one Record for each person for a given test, sort first by Name, then by TestType, then by DateOfAnalysis. Specify a descending order for DateOfAnalysis to get one row listing the most recent date of analysis for each type of test a given person has taken.

          Note: with versions of FileMaker earlier than FileMaker 10, this report will not look correct except in preview mode or when you print it. In later versions, it can be viewed in browse mode.

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            Thanks that was exactly what I was trying to achive :)