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Transfer data to new version of a database file

Question asked by Ricorda on Aug 7, 2011
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Transfer data to new version of a database file



I'm fairly new to filemaker but managed to create a solution for a customer using filemaker 11.

My question: What is the best way to update an existing .fp7 for a customer?


say, the customer has an ProductionV1.fp7 file and he wants some adjustments. 

I've copied the file, renamed it as "development.fp7" and made my changes. I've added and changed some scripts, layouts and relationships.

The tables or field definitions did not change.

While i made my adjustments to development.fp7, the ProductionV1 file was still being used by the customer. The customer had added lots of new records to the different tables.

Now, I want to deliver my new version, so i renamed development.fp7 to ProductionV2.fp7 and deleted all records (old production data and a lot of test data). I now have a file with all correct scripts, layouts, relationships,... but no data.
How can i easily Import the data from ProductionV1 to ProductionV2.

I've tried importing the tables, but filemaker just creates new tables


thanks for any hints and tips