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    Transfer from Mac to PC



      Transfer from Mac to PC




      I am using Filemaker Pro 4. I have recently tranfered form using a Mac to a PC. I am running into problems opening my files from a Host.


      They are password protected files and I am able to select the file and enter the password, but it is not bringing up the information on the main screen that I need.


      I used to have an option on the right hand side of the screen where I could export my files information into a .txt file. I cannot find this option anywhere.


      Is there any other way to export to a .txt the same way it would have when I was running the Mac? Doing so is pretty important as I need to upload this file to our company website.


      I'm not too familiar with the ins and outs of Filemake Pro and any help would be very appreciated!


      Thank you!

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             What operating system version on both machines?
          What version of Filemaker on both? FMP v4 or FMP 7 advanced or Server or ???
          If the PC Filemaker is ver 7 or newer how did you convert?
          Were there errors on the conversion?
          Can you still open the Mac version?
          Do you have backups of the DB file?
          Inquiring minds - read the sticky at the top of the forum

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            The Mac is running OS 9.2 and Filemaker Pro 4

            The PC is running Windows XP and Filemaker Pro 4

            I am still able to open the Mac version no problem. If I plug in the Mac it loads just fine, if I use the PC it does not open my password protected files properly. Using the password I am supposed to be able to edit some of the text fields, unfortunately I am not able to do this.


            Is is possible that the password is what is making this difficult?



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              "Is there any other way to export to a .txt"

              You should be able to export data as text by selecting Export Records from the file menu--unless your password setting forbid it.


              I've seen cases where one OS tolerates file corruption that the other OS does not. You might test a recovered copy of the file and see if it exhibits the correct behavior. If so, try to replace your undamaged file with an undamaged back up copy. Only try using your recovered copy if you have no other alternative.