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    Transfer List Control



      Transfer List Control


      Good Morning everyone,

      I work as a pastor in a church in Bethlehem, PA but have had computer programming and software development as my hobby for a long time.  I am currently updating our antiquated DB with a new FileMaker Pro 13 DB.  Part of my task is recording attendance data and the old DB used a a List-to-list transfer type control from the all members list on the left to the members who attended last Sunday on the right.  I have included a picture of it here.  Any idea how I can build this in FMP?

      Thanks ahead of time, blessings to all, Pastor Dick Bickings


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          Much will depend on the design of your data model. Both "lists" can be portals that list records. The portal rows can contain buttons that move that selected indivdiual from one list to another. The scripts involved would manipulate records in the join table that lists all attendees for a given service.


          Members::__pkMemberID = member_attendance::_fkMemberID
          Services::__pkServiceID = member_attendance::_fkServiceID
          Services::anyfield X Members|All::anyField

          Members|all is the name I'm giving to a Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?. You'd set up your layout based on Services. The left hand portal would be based on members|all. Clicking a button in that portal row would create a new record in member_attendance linked to both members and Services. Clicking a button in the right hand portal would delete the record clicked from member_attendance.

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            Thanks so much...I think I get it!  Can't wait to try...God bless you...!smiley