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    Transfer of database



      Transfer of database


      Hi all, I'm hoping to have a previous FM database transferred to me from a previous company. Obviously I want to make sure everything is usuable when it comes over - are there any specifics I should ask for (databse/scripts etc) and is there an easier way to package up a FM database so it's complete to transfer to another machine?

      I'm a complete noob on FM so I'm hoping to pick up some tips as I go.


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          The worst problem is when there is an associated password with a master account.  If so you will need this.  Otherwise just make sure you get as much detail as possible.  I would recomend using FMP Advanced if back working a solution as the debug utility is worth the extra ££/$$/€€ to avoid long drawn out script watching.

          Good luck. :)

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            Ok thanks RevMK - what do I need to make sure is copied across - tables/scripts/layouts...? I just want to make sure everything that the database uses comes across in a usuable state.


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              FileMaker databases can consist of a single file with every part  of it's design included.

              A FileMaker database also can consist of many files all linked to each other.

              We can't tell from here which you may have and it doesn't sound like you know either. Best you can do is get the file or files and then open them with the master password and go to Manage | External | Data Sources in each file they send to check their for any references to files that did not come in what they send to you. If you see such a file reference, it could be to a file that is no longer used or it could be you are missing one. All you can do is ask about it and run your own tests on the system to see if you get any "file not found" dialogs popping up.

              FileMaker Advanced's Database Design Report can help you further analyze such external data source references to see how or if they are used in the current system of files.